Zend Developer Solution for IBM i (35% Off*, limited time only)

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The Zend Developer Solution for IBM i lets you create better PHP applications in less time, gives you advanced APIs and deployment capabilities, and provides you with development help when you need it. It consists of:
  • Zend Studio: a professional-grade PHP IDE for developing, testing, and debugging code faster. Now supports PHP 5.4.
  • Zend Server Development License: a fully-functional copy of Zend Server for use in development, providing a consistent PHP stack and code-level performance optimization. Now supports PHP 5.4.
  • Enhanced Zend Support:: Enhanced Zend Support: get free major and minor upgrades, guarantee a specific support service level, and get “how-to” help on PHP and Zend Framework (Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions)  
  • Each Zend Developer Solution license is valid for a single user but for any number of machines

*Limited time only: Zend Developer Solution Standard Subscription is available at 35% off regular price.

The Zend Developer Solution is subscription available at Standard or Enterprise levels. View Subscription Options. Prices Starting at $799 Now $499! Purchase today!

Product Benefits

product benefits:
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Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (PHP IDE) designed for professional developers that encompasses all the development components necessary for the full PHP application lifecycle. Through a comprehensive set of editing, debugging, analysis, optimization, database tools and testing Zend Studio speeds development cycles and simplifies complex projects.

Zend Server is an enterprise-ready web application server for deploying, running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security. Zend Server adds value throughout the application lifecycle: development, deployment, performance optimization and monitoring, and problem resolution. It contains a complete, well-tested PHP stack for deployment and production, allows consistent and rapid application deployment, provides built-in caching and acceleration, and delivers integrated application monitoring and diagnostics. Zend Server users receive up to 24x7 technical support, continuous software updates, hot fixes, and security patches provided by Zend, The PHP Company

Zend Studio and Zend Server are designed to work together, streamlining the development and deployment process. From Zend Studio, PHP scripts can be tested onto a local Zend Server and then packaged up for deployment on Zend Server in production.. Then after deployment time, Zend Server monitoring captures debugging and root cause analysis information for use in Zend Studio.

The Zend Developer Solution comes with enhanced support from Zend, the PHP company. All major and minor upgrades for both Zend Studio and Zend Server are included free for the term of the subscription, and specific support response times are defined based on service level agreement (SLA) – ensuring your development processes are always running at top performance. PHP and Zend Framework development “how-to” assistance is also included, depending on subscription level.


  • Develop and maintain quality PHP code faster. Now supports PHP 5.4.
  • Find and resolve problems quickly using monitoring and debugging capabilities
  • Improve team collaboration by using robust team-oriented features
  • Build PHP apps designed for cloud environments, using a powerful cloud-based PHP runtime with advanced debugging
  • Pinpoint the root cause of application problems more quickly and easily
  • Use the same business-grade PHP used in production: an consistent, up-to-date, tested and supported PHP stack
  • Maintain a complete and consistent environment across development, testing and production
  • Deploy applications faster and more consistently
  • Ensure optimal application performance and minimal resource utilization
  • Get support and development help from the PHP experts at Zend Support

Subscription Options

The Zend Developer Solution is offered at two subscription levels:

  • Standard – includes hotfixes, updates, phone support with a 2 business day response time, and 2 PHP “how to” support incidents
  • Enterprise – includes hotfixes, updates, phone support with a 1 business day response time, and 4 PHP or Zend Framework “how to” support incidents

See more information on subscription options

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