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Pick 4 Online Training Course Bundle

Allowing you maximum flexibility for your training needs.  You pick the courses that best fit your goals. 

  • With these options you get built-in discounts
  •  Free one year licenses of Zend Studio and Zend Server Developer
  • Free exam voucher good for either PHP or Zend Framework 
  • Any 4 classes Zend offers (avg savings of $450-$850)
  • FREE class: Building Security into your PHP Applications (savings of $600)
  • 1 year license of Zend Studio and Zend Server Developer license with basic web support (savings of $700)
  • 1 exam voucher (savings of $195)
  • AVERAGE TOTAL SAVINGS:  $2145 (40% savings)
Note: After you have purchased your Zend online training course, you will receive an email detailing the registration process. If you have any questions please contact us at

Product Benefits

Learn PHP from the basics, through cutting edge topics, and on to certification. Each course offers real-life examples and interactivity to provide a robust and hands-on training experience, to sharpen your existing skills and add new ones. Pick your classes from all the available courses from Zend:

PHP Classes
  • PHP Fundamentals I
  • PHP I: Foundations (IBMi/OS Programmers)
  • PHP Fundamentals II
  • Test Prep: PHP Certification
  • Quickstart: PHP for OO/Procedural Programmers
  • Buildings Security into your PHP Applications
Zend Framework Classes
  • Zend Framework Fundamentals I
  • Zend Framework 2: Advanced
  • Test Prep: Zend Framework 2 Certification
Zend Product Courses
  • Zend Server