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Zend Guard lets you safely distribute and manage the distribution of your PHP applications while protecting your source code. Use Zend Guard to prevent unlicensed use and reverse engineering and to safeguard your intellectual property through encryption and obfuscation. Now with PHP 5.4 support! (in addition to PHP 5.3)

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Zend Guard is a PHP source code encryption and obfuscation tool that protects your PHP applications from reverse engineering, unauthorized customization, unlicensed use and redistribution. By preventing unauthorized users from accessing the source code, Zend Guard allows you to develop and enforce licensing mechanisms for your intellectual property.

Zend Guard comes with a one-year license subscription, which includes support from Zend, the PHP Company. After the subscription period ends, PHP scripts can no longer be encoded, but already-encoded scripts can still be decoded and executed.


  • One- click integration with the Zend Studio IDE to simply and easily encode PHP scripts
  • PHP 5.4 support (in addition to PHP 5.3)
  • A variety of license management options including by concurrent users, by time, by segment of network, or by specific server
  • Easily run encoded PHP scripts using Zend Guard Loader
  • Get upgrades and support from the PHP experts at Zend, the PHP Company

System Requirements

Supported operating systems for Zend Guard (encoding): Linux, Windows, Macintosh
Supported operating systems for Zend Guard Loader (runtime decoding): Linux, Windows, Macintosh
Supported operating systems for Zend Server (runtime decoding): Linux, Windows, Macintosh, IBM i
Supported PHP versions: PHP 5.4 (in addition to PHP 5.3)

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