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Zend Studio Commercial License 1 Year Free Upgrades

Commercial Use Perpetual License plus 1 year free Upgrades and Support

  • Discover the world's easiest way to create high-quality APIs! Get started with Apigility!
  • Deployment ready packages are just one click away. Push to production faster!
  • Configure application server access hassle-free. Deploy, debug and monitor with ease!
  • Comfortably browse and manage PHP dependencies with Composer.
  • Work with a reduced package size product for quicker download, install and updates.
  • And much more.

The most complete IDE for PHP development

  • Code editor featuring intuitive code assist, code completion, refactorings, real-time code validation and analysis
  • Advanced debugging capabilities supporting ZendDebugger and XDebug
  • Source Control Integration with built-in support for Git & GitHub
  • Streamlined workflows for building web service APIs
  • Built-in tools: Composer, PHPUnit, PHPDocumentor 2
  • Support for all frameworks: Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, etc.
  • Visual, drag-and-drop UI editor for Web Mobile App development using Apache Cordova framework integration
  • Cloud deployment on Amazon AWS, Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure, and IBM SoftLayer
  • Professional Eclipse ecosystem with largest library of plug-ins
  • Great additional options with Zend Studio training and PHP code protection with Zend Guard

Product Benefits

Zend Studio Features

Creating mobile applications

  • Drag and drop visual editor
  • Web mobile emulator for testing
  • Multiple mobile device support
Zend Studio Drag and Drop

Zend Framework Integration

  • Customized Framework Project Layout
  • Zend Tool Integration
  • Code Templates
  • Example Project
  • MVC (Model / View / Controller) Code Generation
  • MVC View
  • Coding Standards Formatter
  • Semantic Awareness to View / Action Helpers
  • Code Assist
  • Zend Framework 2.x and 1.x support
Zend Server Community Edition across the Lifecycle

PHP Refactoring

  • In Place Refactoring (Smart Rename)
  • Extract Variable / Method
  • Move Files and Folders
  • Rename Files Classes, Function and Variables
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

PHP Code Generation

  • Getters / Setters for Variables
  • Override / Implement Functions
  • New PHP Elements Wizards (Class, Interface)

Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

PHP Editor and File Management

  • Code Analysis & Quick Fix
  • Quick New File Creation
  • Code Formatter
  • WSDL File Editor
  • PHP 4 and PHP 5.X Support
  • Syntax Coloring & Code Assist
  • Mark Occurrences of Language Elements, Exit Paths and Requires
  • Override Indicators
  • Type Hierarchy of Classes and Methods
  • Open Type / Method Dialogs
  • Code Templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New File)
  • Code Folding for Classes Functions and PHPDoc
  • Real time Error Detection
  • Bookmarks
  • Internal Browser
  • Smart Go-to Source and Hover Support
  • Automatic Insertion
  • Highlighted Matching Bracket
  • Comment / Uncomment PHP code
  • PHP Explorer View
  • Search Text by Pattern
  • Search PHP Element
  • File / Project Outlines
  • Find & Replace in Files
  • Tasks List
  • Project Include / Build Path
  • Problems View
  • Code Assist for Include Statement
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

JavaScript Support

  • Content Assist Support for AJAX Libraries:
    Dojo, jQuery, Ext JS, Prototype
  • Real time Error Detection
  • jsDoc Support
  • Syntax Coloring & Code Assist
  • Code Formatting
  • Integrated TODO Mechanism


Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

HTML & CSS Support

  • Syntax Coloring & Code Assist
  • HTML Real Time Error Detection
  • Code Folding
  • Automatic Closing Tag
  • Code Formatting
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

PHP Debugging

  • Integrated PHP/JavaScript Debugging
  • Firefox / IE Toolbars
  • Profiler
  • Code Coverage
  • Tunneling Support
  • SSL Communication
  • PHP Script Debugging
  • Web Server / Remote Debugging
  • Text Encoding Support
  • Web Servers Management 
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

PHP Unit Testing

  • Code Assist
  • Test Case / Suite Code Generation
  • Test Results Visual Support
  • PHP Unit Reports
  • Stack Trace and Filtering 
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console


Zend Server Integration

  • Access to Zend Server's Application Monitoring
  • Auto Detection of Local Zend Server
  • Servers View
  • Zend Server Events List
  • Import and Debug Zend Server Event
  • Easy Project Creation on Zend Server
  • Quick Debug Mechanism
  • Debug & Profile Events
  • Access to Zend Server APIs
  • Code Tracing import and viewing
  • Application Deployment support
  • Library Creation and Management
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

Remote and Virtual Systems

  • VMware Workstation integration
  • SSH
  • FTP
  • SFTP 
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

Database Connectivity

  • New Connection Intuitive Wizard
  • Integrated JDBC Drivers
  • Query Editor
  • Editable Table Viewer
  • Objects Tree - Tables, Views 
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

Source Control 

  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Subversion (SVN)
  • CVS
  • Team Project Set
  • Local History 
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console


  • RSS Reader
  • PHP Documentor Support
  • Zend Code Gallery
  • Zend Guard Integration 
Zend Server Community Edition Administrator Console

Installation / Documentation / Support

  • Easy Installation
  • Smart Product Configuration
  • Welcome Page & Tip of the Day
  • Technical Support
  • File Association
  • Certified Eclipse Plugins
  • Update Mechanism
Zend Server Community Edition Controller View

IBM i Support

  • Instant online debugging and error fixing against Zend Server for IBM i
  • i5 Toolkit support for easy integration with i5/OS legacy applications and data
  • Customizable and smart context sensitive templates for i5 Toolkit functions
  • Create/generate PHP Toolkit code quickly
  • Call RPG/CL/COBOL program, execute CL command, retrieve Spooled file entries, access Data Area, Data Queue and User Space, etc.
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